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Beekeeper with Honeycomb


Hive you ever thought of honey and beekeeping and thought that’s interesting, but how do you get into that? How does one get into beekeeping? Well I thought the same thing.  The world of the honey bee is fascinating and very rewarding. When we started our beekeeping journey we found mentors and resources and made friends that really helped us on our journey. Where did we start? We first contacted our local county extension service. Ours is provided by a local university and they gladly got us in contact  with the local beekeeping club. A bee club or mentor is a great way to start. There are also great books and we recommend picking one up and get bit by the bug of bee knowledge! These fascinating creatures are sure to amaze you. We will provide you with some helpful links and recommend some good books to start with below. Stay tuned for great education opportunities from Ferfers Bees in the future as well!!!


October 6, 2023

Illinois county extension service-

USDA Co-op , Research, and Extension Information- 

St.Clair Beekeepers Association- 
Issabees Beekeeping Shop-

Piece of Honeycomb
Learn: Beekeeping Where to Start!
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