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Welcome to the hive

Welcome to our hive! We have buttoned up our hives for the winter, put extra sugar bricks inside and gotten them warm and snug! In this blog I’m going to let you in on all the secret going’s on‘s of Ferfers Bees. Let you know what we are doing both with the bees and in our studio. It’s winter season for our bees now so we are done with the main stuff with them till about March. They are all huddled up in a ball in their hives keeping their queen warm and feeding her and each other the honey they have saved for the winter. That means we will be spending our time getting things made and ready for a exciting new year! We will keep you up to date on our new product here! In fact we have some new things coming from our printers as we speak! Masks, pillow, cutting boards and framed artwork!! So excited to show you it when it gets here! Here’s a sneak peak!

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